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Nuclear medicine facility

Single-headed gamma camera [Nucline™ X-Ring/R (HR)]
Single-headed gamma camera [Nucline™ X-Ring/R (HR)]

A dedicated nuclear medicine facility exists within the Wingate Institute, comprising a single-headed gamma camera [Nucline™ X-Ring/R (HR)], which offers a broad range of tests of gastrointestinal motor function and transit. The facility is run by Dr Etsuro Yazaki and Dr Mark Scott, with support provided by the Clinical Physics team and Consultant Radiologist from the main Nuclear Medicine Department within the Royal London Hospital.

Investigations available:

  • Oesophageal transit
  • Whole gut transit
  • Gastric emptying
  • Colonic transit, protocols available for suspected slow and rapid transit
  • HIDA scan for gallbladder/biliary function
  • Scintigraphic proctography

Scintigraphic images of: (A) oesophageal bolus transit; (B) gastric emptying (dual isotope); (C) HIDA scan; (D) colonic transit, at 24h (left) and 96h (right)

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