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Flow Cytometry Core Facility equipment, images used with permission by BD
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Data analysis


Flow Cytometry Core Facility at Blizard Institute has several analysis programs for flow cytometric data analysis.

Becton Dickinson FACSDiva software ver6.1.03 is currently located on the workstations of the LSRII, FACS Canto II and FACSAria.

SPADE software (fluidigm inc), a year subsrciption was purchased by Themes funding for Users to allow multi-dimensional analysis of FACS data by Spanning Tree Progression of Density Normalized Events or SPADE, see the link please enquire for login details, see the link for the capabilities of the software, pdf. The software allows the automated identification of subpopulations of cell samples labelled with up to 40 fluorophores.

Millipore Muse analysis software 1.1.2 is also available on the Muse instrument and this software is also downloadable from the internet.

Becton Dickinson CellQuest Pro II Software version 5.2.1 is located on the FACScan Apple G5 workstation

FlowJo versions 10 & 8.7.7 is located on the Core Facility Apple iMac. This system is bookable on the Quartzy on-line booking system under the name 'FlowJo Analysis' 8 or 10.

FCAP Array v3 software for Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) analysis

The Core Facility has a stand alone version 6.1.1 of FACSDiva software.




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